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July 25th-31st


For Middle & High School Ages11+

Get the tools you need to feel confident in any setting.

Classes on

* How to rehearse like a professional

*Musical Theatre

* Acing the callback

* Owning the Dance Call

* Voice, Acting & Dance Technique, and more.






*Placement video details will be given upon registration so we can find the best class for you! This will be a short song, monologue and clip of dance! 

*Perform in a musical at the end of the week!

$399 for entire week ($199 non-refundable deposit)


Contact Information:

Director: Melodie Stacy

 Arts Administrator – Bill Stacy

Classic Melodies Performance Institute


(preferred for faster response)

This will be an

experience you will walk out of with more knowledge & growth than you started with. With classes in all disciplines of the performing arts we will work on harnessing your individual skill and how to put that to best use.

You'll also rehearse this week in your role and at the end of the intensive, will perform in the musical you've worked on! Giving you a chance to shine, and test out the skills you're building!


Perform in a musical!