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Ages 7-12

9:00AM-3:00 PM 

Train with Industry Professionals with classes in:

*Vocal Technique




*Acting the song

Get cast & have the opportunity to perform at the end of the process!

This experience will give you the opportunity to grow & have fun! Come spend the week with us and walk out with more tools for your actor!


$249 for entire week 


Contact Information:

Director: Melodie Stacy

Arts Administrator – Bill Stacy

Classic Melodies Performance Institute


(preferred for faster response)

E-mail the above address if you have questions not covered here.

Register Here


This will be an

experience you will walk out of with more knowledge & growth than you started with. Work on individual skill and how to perform in an ensemble!

You'll spend the week in classes and be able to apply those skills to your role. At the end you get to showcase what you've learned in the performance of a musical!

 Giving you a chance to shine, and test out the skills you've been building!


*Placement video details will be given upon registration so we can find the best class for you! 

*Perform in a show to be presented at the end of the week!

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